Kevin Seifert Photography was founded on the principles of professionalism, personality, and performance. Our umbrella company Photoendeavors offers multiple brands for specific photography all of which are available here at Kevin Seifert Photography.

Portraiture and Events combined are roughly 80% of our day-to-day photography bookings. We provide hundreds of headshots per year for corporate clients and both Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill departments including them medical schools. Executive portraits are often done on-location but we offer our studio in Research Triangle Park’s Frontier building as a convenient, alternative location.

Our team photographs events year-round from higher education graduations including 7 departments at Duke University to weddings to corporate conferences to non-profit fund-raisers and more. Our studio embraces new technology where we have virtual live feeds for still photography; our clients can receive a virtual live feed to be able to post our well-lit, professional images on their social media and blog posts live during events.

Additionally we add print-on-demand services. Our green-screen photo station is a huge hit. If you need a party favor or a great form of entertainment at an event, we can provide samples to show the fun.

My business is almost entirely driven by word-of-mouth referral marketing. If you are impressed by the work shown on this site, please forward our studio’s info to potential clients or even strategic partners.

We enjoy being able to create stunning images that tell stories. We are sure you’ll enjoy seeing our portfolios and hope you book your photographic experience with us.