Family portraits are a rite-of-passage for most folks. Seeing that photograph of yourself as a youth is engrained in our memories. Sometimes it is because the clothing we are wearing or it is just so cheesy we have to laugh. Today, everyone has a digital camera and tons of family photos. That is where stylized, iconic sessions come into play.

Whether you are at the beach or a local scenic spot, having the right eye, posing and lighting makes all the difference. Be aware that if your children are simply not much for behaving or listening, you might want to pass. If you have a child in the 2-6 range, please call to discuss.

Extended Families are really important nowadays. Having large groups takes a bit of coordination and cooperation. It is nearly impossible to not hire someone to really get a good image. It is worth having someone travel to your reunion just for these shots.

Immediate Family Sessions:

Here are some offerings for immediate families with up to 4 children. All include our basic print package of one 11×17 of the entire family, one 5×7 of the children together, and one 5×7 of each individual child

Daylight session/30-minutes/$190

Daylight session/ 1-hour/$250

Sunset-Dusk session/30-minutes/$320

Sunset-Dusk session/ 1-hour/$470

Beach session daylight/20-minutes/$120

Beach session daylight/30-minutes/$170

Beach session daylight/ 1-hour/$300

Beach session Sunset-Dusk/20-minutes/$270

Beach session Sunset-Dusk/30-minutes/$350

Beach session Sunset-Dusk/ 1-hour/$600

Holiday Greeting Card in your House/1-hour/$600 – includes 100 custom designed greeting cards and one 11×17 print.

Here are some Family Reunion sessions:

Parents, 1 Child w/Spouse, Grandchildren/1.5-hours/$900

Parents, Adult Children, no Grandchildren/1-hour/$600

Parents, Children w/Spouses (up to 4), Grandchildren/2-hours/$1,200

Parents, 1 Child w/Spouse, Grandchildren, Great-Grandchildren/2-hours/$1,500

Any family group over 20 people with multiple nuclear families/2-hours/$1,800

Here are some print costs:

4×6: $1

5×7: $5

6×9: $12

8×12: $15


12×18: $45

16×24: $95

$100 in prints earns a free 5×7

$500 in prints earns a free 10×15

$1000 in prints earns a 16×24